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My name is Rob and I’m a kick ass portrait photographer, based in Eastbourne.

Portrait in the park was born out of my own experiences taking photos of my kids. Having done studio shoots with them in the past, I always felt that they lacked a little something…that spark that kids have when they’re running free or playing outside. So it was then that I decided I wanted to run Portrait in the Park. Eastbourne’s premier Lifestyle Photography Brand

My lifestyle sessions and mini sessions are the perfect way to capture you and your family. Lifestyle portrait sessions, are me spending a few hours with you and your family documenting your life. This might be a trip to the park, playing on the beach, or even just going about your day to day family life. Either way they are a fantastic way to capture the essence of you as a family. My mini sessions are generally held at a location in Eastbourne. We will spend half an hour together shooting some cool portraits of your family.

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Why Portrait in the Park

Studio photography can be pretty boring for the kids and if you are able to get a smile out of them it’s normally a posed smile and doesn’t look at all authentic, so why not take them to the park and just letting them run free that way you get real expressions of fun and excitement captured with some fantastic colourful backgrounds.


I’m based in Eastbourne but any park thats your favorite park in the East Sussex area is fine with me, weather it’s the playground or perhaps why not take a trip to the woods as it does make some beautiful backdrops. The only thing to consider is other kids getting in the way as a parent myself i wouldn’t want someone taking pictures with my child in so perhaps exploring maybe best.


Flat affordable fees no matter how many in your group, not only that but you don’t get stung when purchasing high resolution files for those canvases as they start from £3 each with full reprint rights so you don’t even have to come back to me to get them printed





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