About Me

About me and the birth of Portrait in the Park

I’m Rob, a photographer that mainly deals in wedding photography but quite often had clients asking me to do a family shoot, as I’m an event photographer I unfortunately don’t always have access to a studio but when I do hire a studio to use I always think to myself “you don’t need one” and a lot of the time I’ve seen studio photography it’s looked posed with a lack of emotion and forced smiles.

The concept of Portrait in the park is to capture the natural laughs and fun you and your kids are having.

I know we all love taking pictures with our phones but there’s always something missing out of them… You!, With Portrait in the Park you get professional photos of you with your child in the environment they love.

You really do capture the day and if i’m doing my job the way i want to they you won’t even notice me, just like in weddings I like to blend in like some sort of photography ninja.

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