Hampden Park Eastbourne




Hampden Park Eastbourne

Yet another lovely Eastbourne park
I maintain that portrait photography in the park makes for some lovely smiles as well as lovely backgrounds, saying that trying to photograph a 2-year-old that wants to go and play with the ducks in the lake or don’t want to be photographed can be quite difficult.

Clark is very much like his dad and would rather be taking the photos rather than being in them, but with all the distractions Hampden Park has to offer.
Squirrels, ducks and things to climb on I can able to capture some great fly on the wall natural photos where you can really see his cheeky personality.

Unfortunately, Hampden Park was very busy so was unable to capture any shots of Clark playing in the play area, due to the fact I can’t take any pictures where there is a child that I do not have permission to photograph.

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